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2002. "Splinters of the Truth"

2003. "Felisity"

2008. "Apogee of the Soul"

The ensemble of Olexiy Revenko not for the first time already proves its ability to create spaces, in which the classic school and contemporaneity, rock thinking and folk motives aptly intersect. Even if this music were played by a classic rock composition it would hardly manage, for example, to create even more drive for driving pieces. But Revenko Band is the guitar, violoncello, flute, violin and keys, no electric guitars or drums. However, possibly, it is for this reason that music in such performance creates even stronger impression for everything sounds maximally frank, honest. Clear. Nobody hides behind "devices" while this is both difficult and risky. In the sense that "acoustic" sounding very expressly reveals all errors, and there is nothing to disguise skills deficiencies. But in this case this is only theoretical reasoning, because Olexiy Revenkos band plays so that there is no need for hiding. One can hear that every piece was worked out attentively, without haste and each of them fills the air, as if sunbeams, warmly and transparently. And this makes the music by the group accessible for all it will identically well match home coziness, and a concert hall, and strolls round the city, and out-of-town silence.

Publisher: Art Menu
Catalogue number: AM 014
Year: 2008

1. Harmony
2. The Dance of the Wind
3. Spaciousness
4. The Battle (live)
5. Apogee of the Soul
6. Blowing Kiss
7. Enigma
8. Flight to the History (live)
9. Felicity
10. The Ludovic XIV Palace
11. The Dream
12. Unexpected Acquaintance
13. Autumnal
4. Romance

Total playing time: 48:25

2008. Revenko Band
Instrumental versions of DDT songs:

2008. Flight to the History. (live).

"Flight to the History" is a concert recording of the performance that took place in spring 2007. It clearly reflects the professional level of the musicians, the quality of their music and only confirms the pleasant impression caused by studio recordings by the group. The level and quality here are approximately like that: almost every composition is able to capture attention so firmly that one starts regretting the need of having pauses between the plays. Moreover, for this concert the group was joined by Andriy Moroz he played the percussion, and this attributed the specifically saturated sounding to the music. In fact, it is worth noting the role of the known polystylistic violinist Sergiy Ohrimchuk: he joined in performing two compositions, and the both of them then sounded in completely different colors that appeared interesting. Thus, we recommend you to listen to this this is a really good concert by a good team.

Publisher: Art Menu
Catalogue number: AM 016
Year: 2008

1. Felicity
2. Irish Marriage
3. Blue Sky
4. The Battle
5. A Journey into Oneself
6. Bedouin's Supper
7. Freedom
8. Travel to Las Palmas
9. Flight to the History
10. Arabella
11. Unexpected Acquaintance
12. Eldorado

Total playing time: 53:24

2008. REVENKO&BUDCHENKO "Spirit of time".


"This present album is an incarnation of a new Alexey Revenko's idea guitar and piano combination. Two lively instruments, wreathen together by true professionals are the same organism in the end. Each note, each subtle sound reflects delicate world, where we all came from and a feeling, which sometimes descents on each of us from above.
It is worth remembering, that the whole idea a mix of guitar and piano is an innovation, as well as the many other Revenko's notions. There is no akin project neither in the West, nor in Russia or Ukraine. Revenko worked with several pianists, choosing an appropriate one, who would be able to deal with the fordless task, the one, who is kindred to the philosophy of the View Creator. The choice was made in favor of Dmitry Kirnos the musician of a high improvisation level, raw sensation and sensibility. Today, according to many musical critics, he is one of the best Ukrainian pianists. And only as a performer, but also as a composer.
This album contains three bonus tracks the new compositions of Alexey Revenko, recorded in duet with Dmitry Kirnos. These instrumentals do determine the development vector of this creative union."

(information from the polygraph of the disc)
Alexey Revenko - guitar
Dmitry Kirnos - piano, recording, mixing, mastering
Aleksey Smirnov - saxophone (11, 12)
Maria Kononova - cello (11, 12)
Photo: Sergey Khomenko
Publisher: Art Menu
Catalogue number: AM 019
Year: 2009

1. Delta plane
2. After the corrida
3. Heart-to-heart talk
4. Did not finish. Another heart-to-heart talk
5. View Creator (dedicated to O. Ostapenko)
6. Try to reach me
7. Your eyes in emerald light
8. House of cigars
9. Arizona began here
10. Chaos installation
11. Going to confession
12. Heart of beauty
13. Heart of beauty (performed by D. Kirnos - piano)

Total playing time: 64:42

2010. "Heart of Beauty" is the sixth instrumental album of the Revenko Band group. Within every new disc of the band, Alekesey Revenko (the composer), creates new consonances by using different musical instruments. Thus every time, he awards listeners with a new conception (or even philosophy) of musical compositions. In this album (Heart of Beauty), it is possible to hear bandura (which is, as a rule, associated with melody of Ukraine), mandolin, flute, guitar and piano. Basic concept of the Heart of Beauty album is aimed on waking up the deepest and warmest human feelings love, a condition when person feels (creates) Harmony. This is an attempt to reflect, by means of music, the complete expressiveness and perfection of nature, and the gifts of our land and sky, which are tight to us in our every-moment being, and live inside of us.
How is it possible to show, and let feel happiness and joy of your own soul? That was the main task of the Heart of Beauty album.
The main albums compositions are: Rain in St.Petersburg; Smile of my girl; Dedicated to Ritchie Blackmore; Intrigue; Apogee of Soul; Heart of Beauty; Ukraine.
Imagine a naturally loud saxophone, which gently, with awe and longing, accompanies to a soft and thoughtful bandura, or to a subtle violin. Like it or not, but one will feel new born forms of universe and perception. There is a common opinion that everything is already played. NO!!! There is much of new unknown music in front of us! (First of, all in depth of our soul!) Music is a reflection! Vice versa, every new interlacement of different musical instruments gives birth to absolutely new form a new world.
This album also contains an appeal to underlying roots of its nation, its history. The On Slav land composition looks like a battle, spread in time through centuries. Affectionate beauty, along with pain of Ukraine, which is either loosing itself or sincerely reaching out its hands for the sky, is showed in the last composition of the album Ukraine. Apogee of Soul, made by bandura and guitar, gives a feeling that light is running, and there is NO way to stop it. A dawn is a living picture of innocence, purity, and innermost feelings. And the Heart of Beauty composition itself sounds like a clue in-between human souls. As a result harmony appears in our enormous world.